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Views of the campaigns of the North-Western army
Comprising of sketches of the campaigns of Generals Hull and Harrison, a minute and interesting account of the naval conflict on Lake Erie, military anecdotes, abuses in the army, a plan of a military settlement, a view of the lake coast from…

Letter from Isaac Foster to Robert Simpson, 24 August 1813

MssHA_H628_f10_18131014_001 copy.jpg
Isaac Foster sends love to his wife and child while serving as a soldier in the War of 1812. He thinks they will go on to St. Mary’s and wait there for further orders. He writes of attacks by Native Americans.

Payscale for the militia, ca. 1790
Pay scale for the militia by rank and length of service.

Report on members of the Kentucky Militia regarding missed duty and refusal to perform service, 6 March 1792
Report from a court of inquiry on various members of the Jefferson County Militia regarding missed duty and refusal to perform service.

Return of scouts in the Louisville area for 1790
"Return of Spies for 1790" listing by name those members of the Jefferson County militia in the Louisville area that served as scouts from June to October, patrolling for possible Native American raiding parties.

Letter from James Young Love to Eliza Tunstal, 10 May 1813

Written from the "foot of the Miami [River] Rappids," to Eliza Tunstal in which Love describes a battle at Fort Meigs on the Maumee River in Ohio. He states that while the American soldiers were holding their own against the British and Native…

Isaac Shelby Battle Order, 20 October 1813

Military order written by Isaac Shelby from the camp at the mouth of portage upon Lake Erie. He states that the troops are to start heading to Franklinton, Ohio, the following morning to be mustered out of service. He gives orders to call roll, once…

Letter from Isaac Baker to Isaac Gwathmey, 6 December 1812.
Writing from Camp Miami, Isaac Baker tells Isaac Gwathmey of matters of the heart and his service in the army. He writes of going on scouting missions to Fort McArthur and Ft. Wayne, visiting St. Mary's to ascertain the amount of clothing available…

Robert McAfee's Company Memorandum Book, 1813-1814
Journal of Robert McAfee's mounted company in Colonel Richard Johnson's regiment. Includes orders and such issued on the expedition.