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Letter from William Clark to Jonathan Clark, 22 and 24 November 1808
Clark writes his brother Jonathan a lengthy letter from St. Louis regarding foreign affairs, politics, Native American affairs, and land investment and resources such as lead mining and salt springs. He has placed some of his enslaved people and oneā€¦

Speech given by The Raven, 10 July 1782
Transcript of a speech given by The Raven regarding relations with the Americans and the need for gun powder. He advises people to turn to the Spanish in Pensacola and to not get it from the Virginians/Americans.

Extract of a letter, 3 May 1787
A one page extract dated 3 May 1787 expresses the hope that the recent treaty with Spain will help the trade prospects for the United States. On the back side of the page is a discussion of politics and political maneuvering.

Correspondence between George Nicholas the Honorable Robert G. Harper, 1799
Correspondence between George Nicholas, Esq. of Kentucky, and the Hon. Robert G. Harper, member of Congress from the district of 96, state of South Carolina.