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The discovery, settlement and present state of Kentucky
Contains the adventures of Daniel Boone, the minutes of the Piankashaw council, an account of the Native American nations inhabiting within the limits of the thirteen United States, and the stages and distances between Philadelphia and the Falls of…

Travels through the Western Interior of the United States, from the year 1808 up to the year 1816
"Travels through the western interior of the United States, from the year 1808 up to the year 1816: with a particular description of a great part of Mexico, or New-Spain. Containing a particular account of thirteen different tribes of Indians through…

Letter from William Clark to his brother, April 1805
Letter from William Clark to his brother talks of sending his journal to the President and the Secretary of War, documenting his voyage and discoveries. Includes note stating he has included with the letter: one shirt worn by the Mandan Indian women,…

Letter from Daniel Smith to Arthur Campbell, 9 August 1778

Letter discussing Daniel Smith's necessary trip to Kentucky, his attempts to raise soldiers and officers, and his belief that "assistance ought to be given to Kentuckie at this critical time."

Letter from John and Susan Corlis to Joseph, George, and Mary Ann Corlis, 14 April 1816
In the first part of the letter, John Corlis writes to George of the poor real estate market and his tight money supply but states that he will be able to cover George's recent drafts. He hopes that George will get the greatest yield from his crops,…

An address to the public, accompanied by documents, exposing the misrepresentations, calumnies and falsehoods, contained in the pamphlet of Elisha I. Hall, of Frederick County, Virginia.

Mr. Brown speaks of a dispute he is having with Elisha Hall whom he describes as a quack doctor, land jobber, note shaver and Indian agent.

Acts passed at a General Assembly in Richmond, 1 May 1780
Many of the acts pertain to the Revolution, including acts to provision a militia for the relief of South Carolina, to punish desertion, to provide better wages for those guarding the frontier against Native American attacks, to establish the town of…