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Order of Isaac Shelby to Mrs. Christian, 10 December 1787
Request from Shelby to Christian asking for salt in payment for bacon.

Isaac Shelby Battle Order, 20 October 1813

Military order written by Isaac Shelby from the camp at the mouth of portage upon Lake Erie. He states that the troops are to start heading to Franklinton, Ohio, the following morning to be mustered out of service. He gives orders to call roll, once…

Letter from Isaac Shelby to Henry Knox, 10 February 1794.
A letter from Isaac Shelby in which he informs Henry Knox that two more people have been killed by Southern Indians since his last letter. He expects attacks by the Creek and Chickamauga as soon as winter breaks. Again requesting power to raise men…

Receipt for an unidentified enslaved woman, being sold by Col. William Christian, September 25th, 1783.

A receipt of sale for an unidentified enslaved woman, dated September 25th, 1783. She was sold by Col. William Christian to Col. Isaac Shelby. Evan Shelby signs on behalf of Col. Isaac Shelby. The woman is only addressed as "negro wench."