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Print titled Unloading Sand Scows by Alexander J. Van Leshout (1868-1930). Van Leshout documented a wide variety of city scenes in Odd Corners in Louisville. Among them were those representing the river front, an area where many a shantyboater found…
Print titled Landmark at the Levee – Jeffersonville Ferry by Alexander J. Van Leshout (1868-1930).
Advertising circular for Bryant's Show Boat. One didn’t have to travel to New York to see quality Broadway entertainment! George M. Cohan’s “Broadway Jones” was coming to an Ohio River landing near you.
This “daring, thrilling and frank expose of the activities of the . . . Gestapo” promised to reveal facts that the government had not yet released, and the press had not reported, on the Nazi’s Gestapo – and one could also enjoy vaudeville acts.
Advertising circular for a vaudeville shows on an unknown boat, 1925.
Photograph of Jack and Andy Skiff Rentals near Shelby Street in Louisville, KY.
Photograph of Watts Boat Rentals along the Ohio River, 8 July 1900
Cover page for Roustabout Songs: A Collection of Ohio River Valley Songs by Mary Wheeler
Drawing by Glen Tracy of the Steamboat Office Old Wharf Boat, The Levee from 1935.
Postcard image of an Ohio River Ferry at Carrollton, KY.
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