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021PC1_JCC Orchestra Rehearsal ca. 1975.jpg
Rehearsal of the Jewish Community Center Orchestra, ca. 1975

021PC1_JCC Orchestra Rehearsal ca. 1965.jpg
Photograph of the Jewish Community Orchestra rehearsal
Kurt and Gerda Ackermann (left) Emil and Trude Breiner (center) Gabriel and Lynn Gruber (right)
Paul Kling (1929-2005) was a gifted Czech born Jewish violinist who managed to survive internment at two Nazi concentration camps in adolescence. After the war he became a concert master at the NKO Symphony in Tokyo. There he met and married his…
This Jewish community of Louisville musical program in honor of the 34th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel features Kurt Ackermann as concertmaster.
The Jewish Community Orchestra playing on the handball courts of the JCC on Dutchman's lane. Kurt Ackermann is playing first violin.
From the late 1950s through the early 2000s, Four Courts was Louisville's residential home for Jewish seniors. Concert programs such as this one featuring Kurt Ackermann were a common form of community-led volunteerism , bring cultural and spiritual…
The concert was held on December 14, 1956 at Columbia Auditorium. Tickets were 50 cents (about $5.00 in 2022 dollars).
In September of 1956, violinist and Louisville Symphony Orchestra Conductor, Sidney Harth invites Kurt Ackermann to audition for a new orchestra forming at the University of Louisville. The audition was successful and Kurt Ackermann is listed as a…
Elegant and fashionable Trude Breiner ran her own hat store on Bardstown Rd.
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