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Photographs of the 1st Kentucky Regiment, National Guard featuring men that served with Pershing's Mexican Boarder Expedition.

Color print of The Battle of Perryville, Kentucky, Fought October 8, 1862.

Mounted panoramic photograph of the Louisville Legion. This photograph was take of the Louisville Legion when the mayor of Louisville, Charles D. Jacob reviewed the Legion before they departed to New York City the next day to participate in the the…

Drum of Louisville Legion. The drum has a wooden cylindrical body which supports on three sides a layer of green paint, and in front an image of a soldier. To the left of the image, is painted, "Louisville Legion 1840," and to the left of that,…

GW Medal.png
Front and back view of a George Washington Inaugural Centennial Medal that was given out to those who participated in the centennial parade in New York City.

A letter from Mildred Chenoweth Stites to her cousin, William Marshall Bullitt, dated February 27th, 1912. Mildred mentions that she had a photograph of a person formerly enslaved by the Bullitt family. The "Grandmammy" she describes is most likely…

A letter from Mildred Chenoweth Stites to her cousin, William Marshall Bullitt, dated February 23rd, 1912. Mildred signs the letter as "Cousin Nan." Mildred Chenoweth goes into great detail about what she remembers about growing up at Oxmoor…

Letter from Helen Bullitt Massie to her husband, General Henry Massie, dated July 12th, 1816. In the letter, Henry mentions some of the men he enslaves, including Ralph and Peter. Peter, he writes, “has behaved uncommonly well since his runaway…

A letter from General Henry Massie to his wife, Helen Bullitt Massie, mentioning Old Bowsan, Fanny, and Jim, dated January 4th, 1811. Old Bowsan, Fanny, and Jim are all enslaved by the Massie or Bullitt families.

A receipt of transferred funds to Dr. Joseph Gashwiler from William Christian, dated February 16th, 1793. Dr. Gashwiler attended to Jenny, a woman enslaved by William Christian.
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