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Alexander Scott Bullitt to Mr. Billie, 26 April 1786
Bullitt writes to purchase black silk, gloves, thread, and other mourning goods for Anne Henry Christian after the death of William Christian.

Letter from John May to Samuel Beall, 2 March 1780

Letter from John May to Samuel Beall attempting to settle a dispute over some land ownership claims.

Letter from John Bowman to Isaac Hite, 10 June 1782
Writing from Lincoln County, Kentucky, Bowman states that no surveying had been done lately because of the fear of attacks from Native Americans.

John May land entry book, 1783-1786
John May's land entry book. Included are from 1783 to 1786. They include surveys for Samuel Beall, George Mason, John May, Thomas Hughes, James Hickman, and Mary Byrd (for the deceased William Byrd) in areas such as Floyds Fork at Bullskin Creek,…