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Hank of wool

Hank of wool from Buchanan, Kentucky. Sheep were among the early domesticated animals brought to Kentucky. Home production of wool increased during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 due to trade embargos. Wool was often woven with cotton or…

Empire Wedding Dress
Early silk empire style wedding dress. Empire dresses emerged in the early 19th century and rapidly became fashionable across Europe (particularly England).

Multicolored Silk Dress
Silk dresses of the early 19th century embodies the period between the whiteness of dresses of the early Regency gowns and the decorative frills and flounces of the 1810s. This dress belonged to a woman of the McNair -Anderson family.

Brown and White Cotton Dress
This cotton dress is a great example of the changes (simplified, 'natural' dresses) occurring in women's fashion in the late 18th century to early 19th century. 'Naturalness' in this context refers to the use of lightweight , easily washable…

Blue Empire Dress
Empire dresses emerged in the early 19th century and rapidly became fashionable across Europe (particularly England).

Ann Clark Shawl
This shawl is said to have belonged to Ann Rogers Clark Gwathmey (1755-1822). See also 1943.5.1 (miniature portrait). Paisley Shawls were a luxury item worn by affluent women. Paisley, as a style, didn't get its name until the 1830s-40s, named after…

Travels through the states of North America, and the provinces of upper and lower Canada, during the years 1795, 1796, and 1797.
Includes view of the natural Rock Bridge, houses, conditions of the enslaved peoples,the land, cultivating tobacco, lower classes of people in Virginia, unhealthy apperances, the Shenandoa Valley, German immigratnts, landscapes, military titles that…

Letter from Alexander Scott Bullitt to Mr. Billie, 26 April 1786
Bullitt writes to purchase black silk, gloves, thread, and other mourning goods for Anne Henry Christian after the death of William Christian.

Letter from Ann Pearce to Isaac Clark, 24 October 1812
Talks of Isaac Clark needing clothing but expecting him to be home soon so she isn't sure their mother would send any. Discusses William Clark being back to Louisville soon with the Native Americans from Washington, which she states "appear very…