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Mourning Bracelet
Mourning bracelet made of twisted gold wire, copper pearl, and the hair of Priscilla Christian Bullitt. Inscribed with the initials of Bullitt (P.C.B.), who was the daughter of William Christian and Annie Henry Christian, major landowners, enslavers,…

Mourning Bracelet
Mourning bracelet made of twisted gold wire, copper pearl, and the hair of Alexander Scott Bullitt. Inscribed with Bullitt's initials (A.S.B). Alexander Scott Bullitt was born in Virginia in 1761. He migrated to Kentucky around 1783, first living in…

Jet Cross Necklace
Mourning necklace belonging to Ann Booth Gwathmey. Women experienced death and loss regularly on the frontier. They often expressed their grief by wearing mourning jewelry. Ann Gwathmey experienced death many times throughout her life. She married…

Letter from Alexander Scott Bullitt to Mr. Billie, 26 April 1786
Bullitt writes to purchase black silk, gloves, thread, and other mourning goods for Anne Henry Christian after the death of William Christian.

Order of Annie Christian to John Bellie with receipt, undated
Annie Christian requests black thread, mourning buckles, an black binding from Mr. [John] Bellie [merchant in Danville]; he responds that he is sending all but the thread and hopes to see Mr. Woolfolk. No date

Letter from Annie Christian To Patrick Henry, no date
Letter to Patrick Henry requesting he post an announcement of William Christian's death in Virginia papers and send three mourning rings for her daughters from Annie Christian.

Poem on the death of Susan C. Speed
Poem regarding the death of Susan C. Speed.

Mary Adair letter, 23 November 1799
Letter from Mary Adair to her sister, updating her on her family and wishing she has enjoyed "all of the happyness of a wife and mother in the midst of an agreeable family." She worries of her father dying soon because without him she will be…