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Blue Empire Dress
Empire dresses emerged in the early 19th century and rapidly became fashionable across Europe (particularly England).

Mary Ann Logan, needlework sampler
This sampler was made by Mary Ann Logan in Shakertown, Kentucky. Samplers were a staple in the education of girls. The samplers were designed to teach needlework skills needed for household duties and could be a symbol of the girl's culture,…

Sugar Chest
Sugar was an expensive and coveted luxury item in frontier households. The chest protected sugar from theft or flies, and was also a status symbol indicating a household's socio-economic status. This sugar chest belonged to Elizabeth Tyler Sturgeon…

Iron Spider Pot
The spider pot was brought to Bourbon County, Kentucky, from Frederick County, Maryland, by the Liter family before 1800. During this period, cooking was the second leading cause of death for women. Overheating, skirts catching on fire, exhaustion,…

Miniature portrait of Ann Rogers Clark Gwathmey
In the era before photography, miniature portraits were popular mementos of loved ones that could be easily carried across long physical distances. The watercolor on ivory portraits were desired for the way artists could accurately capture a subject,…

Elizabeth Logan Hardin
Elizabeth Logan Hardin (1786-1853) was born on the Kentucky frontier at Logan's Station (also known as St. Asaph's; present Stanford). She was one of nine children of Ann Montgomery and Benjamin Logan, one of Kentucky's early military and political…

Clay Water Jar
Cherokee artist Mary Thompson crafted this red, Lizella clay water jar using traditional coiling techniques and a hand-carved paddle stamp process. The Filson Historical Society purchased this jar from Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual, an artist co-op…

American Ornithology, or, the Natural History of the birds of the United States

The natural history of the birds of the United States: illustrated with plates, engraved and colored from original drawings taken from nature.

Account of Richard Woolfolk with Annie Christian, 1786-1788
Account of wages due to Richard Woolfolk, with credits including cash, salt, shoes, and saddle bags,

Map of the State of Kentucky, from actual survey, facsimilie.
Shows cities, towns, forts and stations, rivers, roads, etc. Includes notations on the fertility of the land and the quality of the salt licks.
The Filson has another original of this map which was removed from the 3rd London edition of Imlay's…

Military order book for the 16th Kentucky Militia, 1814
Military order book for the 16th Kentucky Militia, kept by Captain Aaron Gregg. Entries from the order book included are between 26 October 1814 and 10 November 1814.

Letter from George Rogers Clark to George Mason, 19 November 1779
Sketches of the enterprise and proceedings in the Illinois Country by Colonel George Rogers Clark, Commander of that Expedition, in a letter to Colonel George Mason of Gunston Hall, Virginia. In this letter, Clark writes about the origins of the…

Depiction of Cincinnati in the year 1800, printed 1880
Print featuring boats along the Ohio River in Cincinnati in 1800. Illustration from an July 14, 1888 issue of Frank Leslie's Illustrirte Beitung (in German)