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Letter from Daniel Smith to Arthur Campbell, 9 August 1778

Letter discussing Daniel Smith's necessary trip to Kentucky, his attempts to raise soldiers and officers, and his belief that "assistance ought to be given to Kentuckie at this critical time."

Isaac Shelby Battle Order, 20 October 1813

Military order written by Isaac Shelby from the camp at the mouth of portage upon Lake Erie. He states that the troops are to start heading to Franklinton, Ohio, the following morning to be mustered out of service. He gives orders to call roll, once…

Letter from Isaac Baker to Isaac Gwathmey, 6 December 1812.
Writing from Camp Miami, Isaac Baker tells Isaac Gwathmey of matters of the heart and his service in the army. He writes of going on scouting missions to Fort McArthur and Ft. Wayne, visiting St. Mary's to ascertain the amount of clothing available…

Letter from Isaac Shelby to Henry Knox, 10 February 1794.
A letter from Isaac Shelby in which he informs Henry Knox that two more people have been killed by Southern Indians since his last letter. He expects attacks by the Creek and Chickamauga as soon as winter breaks. Again requesting power to raise men…

Robert McAfee's Company Memorandum Book, 1813-1814
Journal of Robert McAfee's mounted company in Colonel Richard Johnson's regiment. Includes orders and such issued on the expedition.

Letter from General Anthony Wayne to Isaac Shelby, 26 September 1793
Orders from General Anthony Wayne calling upon Isaac Shelby to raise a militia of fifteen hundred men with Shelby in command for the protection of Kentucky.

Letter from Isaac Shelby to Henry Knox, 10 January 1794
In his 10 January 1794 letter to Knox, Shelby states that frontier areas of Kentucky are defenseless. He anticipates major forays into Kentucky by the Native Americans in the spring, and says the present situation can be traced back to the failure of…

Company roster for the 16th Kentucky Militia, 3 October 1814
Company roster for the 16th Kentucky Militia during the War of 1812, kept by Captain Aaron Gregg.

Military order book for the 16th Kentucky Militia, 1814
Military order book for the 16th Kentucky Militia, kept by Captain Aaron Gregg. Entries from the order book included are between 26 October 1814 and 10 November 1814.

Letter from Thomas P. Hart to Isaac R. Gwathmey, 4 March 1812
A letter from Thomas P. Hart in which he tells Gwathmey of some of the soldiers killed at the Battle of River Raisin.