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Letter from William Clark to Jonathan Clark, 22 and 24 November 1808
Clark writes his brother Jonathan a lengthy letter from St. Louis regarding foreign affairs, politics, Native American affairs, and land investment and resources such as lead mining and salt springs. He has placed some of his enslaved people and one…

Letter from William Clark to Jonathan Clark, 9 November 1808
Clark writes his brother Jonathan from St. Louis discussing his frustrations with his enslaved African Americans York and Scipio. He reports on conditions in St. Louis, various individuals, and investments in lead mining and saltmaking in the region.…

Letter from Robert Daniel to William Christian, 18 November 1784
Robert Daniel writes William Christian regarding orders for salt.

Letter from Nicholas Meriwether to William Christian, 10 November 1785
Nicholas Meriwether writes William Christian regarding conditions and operations at Saltsburg.

J. E. Donne to William Christian, 14 March 1786
Donne arranges for the purchase of salt from Christian on behalf of himself as well as other individuals.

William Christian to John Hinch, 25 January 1786
Christian sends a customer, Mr. Donne, to purchase salt from Saltsburg

Rental agreement between Annie Christian and Jacob Myers, 20 August 1787
Handwritten copy of agreement between Jacob Myers and Annie Christian (per Richard Woolfolk) for rent of the house and part of the land of his plantation for one year in exchange for one hundred and fifty bushels of salt at Bullitt's Lick.

Order of Annie Christian to Mrs. Hinch, undated
Christian orders Mrs. Hinch or Hinck to provide John Davis with 9 bushels of salt

Account of Annie Christian with Jacob Myers, 1787-1788
Account of goods purchased by Christian from Myers plus her rent, against salt obtained by Myers from Christian's saltworks, settling August 15, 1787. Goods include corn, flour, whiskey, ludestring, gauze, chopped rye, pork, beef, tallow, hay, and…