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Letter from Henry Massie to his wife, Helen Bullitt Massie, in which he writes of matters for her to attend to while he is in Ohio. He relays information about livestock, planting dates for corn and tobacco, and money affairs.

A brief practical treatise on the construction and management of plank road. With an appendix containing the general plank road laws of New York, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois ... Also, the opinion of Judge Gridley of the New York Supreme court…
Resolution approved by Kentucky's congress and governor asking the United States Congress to make a "prompt and liberal allowance" to the orphans and widows of the militiamen who had lost their lives during the War of 1812.

Jane Hankins, wife of Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance president Junius E. Hankins, gives a speech at an undated event. Junius E. Hankins is sitting and watching the speech, and an unidentified African American woman stands behind the podium.

An unidentified African American woman operating a switchboard.


Three unidentified African-American women sitting on a couch for "Secretaries Week."


Four unidentified African-American women working at typewriters at the Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance Company office. The inscription on the back reads, "Computer Din."


An unidentified group of African American men and women in an office in Detroit, Michigan.

A photograph of Agnes H. Glover, who served as director Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance Company

An interracial group of men and women attending a stockholders meeting in 1965.


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