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Memoir, correspondence, and miscellanies, from the papers of Thomas Jefferson, vol. 2.
In 1788, Jefferson wrote to a John Brown of Kentucky urging Americans to wait until Europe was at war before attempting further exploration of the West.

Letter from Arthur Campbell to John Brown, 29 December 1787
Arthur Campbell's 29 December 1787 letter to John Brown discusses a "vast multitude" of immigrants passing into Kentucky with little resistance from Native Americans. Campbell warns that the peace may not last long and he expects frequent attacks…

Letter from General Anthony Wayne to Isaac Shelby, 26 September 1793
Orders from General Anthony Wayne calling upon Isaac Shelby to raise a militia of fifteen hundred men with Shelby in command for the protection of Kentucky.

Letter from James Young Love to Eliza Tunstal, 10 May 1813

Written from the "foot of the Miami [River] Rappids," to Eliza Tunstal in which Love describes a battle at Fort Meigs on the Maumee River in Ohio. He states that while the American soldiers were holding their own against the British and Native…

Letter from Dan Smith to Arthur Campbell, 9 August 1778
Daniel Smith writes to Campbell discussing Smith's necessary trip to Kentucky, his attempts to raise soldiers and officers, and his belief that "assistance ought to be given to Kentuckie at this critical time."

Letter from Arthur Campbell, 28 March 1792
Discusses dealings with a Cherokee Chief and the current state of the militia, including number of soldiers for each captains unit.