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Letter from James Young Love to Eliza Tunstal, 10 May 1813

Written from the "foot of the Miami [River] Rappids," to Eliza Tunstal in which Love describes a battle at Fort Meigs on the Maumee River in Ohio. He states that while the American soldiers were holding their own against the British and Native…

Letter from Daniel Smith to Arthur Campbell, 9 August 1778

Letter discussing Daniel Smith's necessary trip to Kentucky, his attempts to raise soldiers and officers, and his belief that "assistance ought to be given to Kentuckie at this critical time."

Letter from Isaac Shelby to Henry Knox, 10 February 1794.
A letter from Isaac Shelby in which he informs Henry Knox that two more people have been killed by Southern Indians since his last letter. He expects attacks by the Creek and Chickamauga as soon as winter breaks. Again requesting power to raise men…

Letter from John Bowman to Isaac Hite, 10 June 1782
Writing from Lincoln County, Kentucky, Bowman states that no surveying had been done lately because of the fear of attacks from Native Americans.

Letter from John Bowman to Isaac Hite, 6 March 1780
A letter from John Bowman to Isaac Hite from Kentucky County, in which he tells of his livestock, land purchases, the need for wool, and the fear of attacks from Native Americans. He also writes of hearing that Natchez was in the possession of Spain.