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Letter to Samuel Brown from Philadelphia, 30 October 1818
Letter from an unknown author in Philadelphia describes the state of living in America, and how the author's account of his tour through the west will be published in England. He gives a sarcastic take on the differences between the two countries.

Letter from James Young Love to Eliza Tunstal, 10 May 1813

Written from the "foot of the Miami [River] Rappids," to Eliza Tunstal in which Love describes a battle at Fort Meigs on the Maumee River in Ohio. He states that while the American soldiers were holding their own against the British and Native…

Letter from John J. Audubon to Lucy Audubon, 19 January 1827

Written from Edinburgh to Louisiana, he talks about the influential people he's met in england and edinburgh and subscribers to his bird publications, painting and attending lectures and debates regularly, elected to several prestigious societies,…

Letter from Daniel Chapman Banks to Martha Ann Banks, 12 June 1815

In a letter dated 12 June 1815, Banks writes to his wife about visiting Dr. Samuel Morse. While he is there Morse's son receives a painting, Dying Hercules, from England. Banks describes both the Morse family and the painting.