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Letter from William Clark to Fanny Clark O'Fallon, 1 June 1795
William Clark writes to his sister Fanny Clark O'Fallon from Greenville, Ohio, about love, romance, and social activities, the current pomp and drill of camplife, and the presence of several American Indians and their activities.

Letter from William Clark to John Hite Clark, 27 October 1810
William Clark writes to his nephew, John Hite Clark, from St. Louis, Missouri, about mercantile affairs, including the demand for and the high price of whiskey. He includes his thoughts on a man in love, having heard from Edmund that John might be "a…

Letter from William Clark to Jonathan Clark, 6-7 June 1808
Clark writes his brother Jonathan while on his boat at the mouth of the Tradewater River traveling down the Ohio River, moving to St. Louis. He has visited their brother Edmund in that neighborhood. Tells of his enslaved woman, Philes, dying.…

"Analysis of Love"
Essay discussing women and love, and the institution of marriage. "The women are degraded to a level with the inferior animals, are expected to perform all the most tiresome, offensive and laborious services and unless when the instinct of nature…

Letter from Amos Kendall to F. G. Flugel, 4 July 1814
In this letter, Kendall discusses the fine ladies in town, names some of the women and includes a longer poem written for them.

The confession of Jereboam O. Beauchamp, 1826
The confession of Jereboam O. Beauchamp, who was hanged at Frankfort, Kentucky, on the 7th day of July, 1826, for the murder of Colonel Solomon P. Sharp. Includes, at end of the confession, a postscript, letters, and poetry written by the author and…