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Letter from William Clark to John Hite Clark, 27 October 1810
William Clark writes to his nephew, John Hite Clark, from St. Louis, Missouri, about mercantile affairs, including the demand for and the high price of whiskey. He includes his thoughts on a man in love, having heard from Edmund that John might be "a…

Account of Annie Christian with Jacob Myers, 1787-1788
Account of goods purchased by Christian from Myers plus her rent, against salt obtained by Myers from Christian's saltworks, settling August 15, 1787. Goods include corn, flour, whiskey, ludestring, gauze, chopped rye, pork, beef, tallow, hay, and…

Order of Annie Christian to Mrs. Hinch, 5 September 1786
Note from Christian to Mrs. Hinch to let "waggoners" have sixty bushels of salt and a half gallon of whiskey. Note from Richard Woolfolk on reverse.

Letter from John W. Hundley to David L. Ward, 26 January 1815
Letter to David L. Ward from Mount Sterling, Kentucky, about moving supplies over land in the Bluegrass region.