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Letters from the West
Containing sketches of scenery, manners, and customs, and anecdotes connected with the first settlements of the western sections of the United States.

Letter from William Clark to Fanny Clark O'Fallon, 1 June 1795
William Clark writes to his sister Fanny Clark O'Fallon from Greenville, Ohio, about love, romance, and social activities, the current pomp and drill of camplife, and the presence of several American Indians and their activities.

Letters from Rebecca Stoddert, 1798-1800
Letter in which Rebecca Stoddert discusses women's fashion, cooking, and shopping. Discusses symptoms of a sickness and having blood drawn, ladies socializing, and vulgar dancing that reminded her of a "black woman dancing a jig".

Letter from Amos Kendall to F. G. Flugel, 10 March 1815

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In this letter, Kendall discusses social customs, quoting "Are you rich? You are courted and carressed. Are you poor? You are despised or neglected." He mentions a man murdering his wife. Included is another poem, this one dscussing the bright futureā€¦