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Agreement between David Meade and John May, 1 March 1780.
John May's letter to Samuel Beall containing a 1 March 1780 agreement between May and Meade making him a quarter interest in 100,000 acres, purchased by May and Beall.

Letter from John May to Samuel Beall, 16 August 1779
A letter to Samuel Beall in Williamsburg, Virginia, in which May writes of buying 2,000 acres of British lands in Kentucky. He hopes to get lower than the asking price.

Letter from John May to Samuel Beall, March 1780
A letter in which May claims to have heard that profits could be made on the purchase of Settlement and Preemption Claims because many of the claimants didn't have the money to pay. May desires to purchase the lands out from under these people and…

Report of a committee of the Senate of Kentucky, 1824
Report of a committee of the Senate of Kentucky to which was referred that part of the governor's message relating to the decisions and jurisdiction of the federal court.

James Greer broadside, April 1789
A printed notice from James Greer, signed in print, voiding an unauthorized conveyance of a certain settlement right in the Lexington area by Robert Paterson to John Cockey Owings, which right Greer had previously sold to Thomas Prather, deceased.