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An address to the public, accompanied by documents, exposing the misrepresentations, calumnies and falsehoods, contained in the pamphlet of Elisha I. Hall, of Frederick County, Virginia.
Mr. Brown speaks of a dispute he is having with Elisha Hall whom he describes as a quack doctor, land jobber, note shaver and Indian agent.

Account with Mrs. Sarah Oldham Meriwether and Dr. John L. Murray, 1814
Sarah Oldham Meriwether's account with a physician, Dr. John L. Murray, describes the treatments he rendered.

Letter from Constantine Rafinesque to Charles Wilkins Short, 20 November 1819
Letter from Constantine Rafinesque to Charles Wilkins Short, in which he writes of his discovery of new plants in Kentucky. He names a plant after Dr. Short, and asks him for more plant samples.

Medical Flora, or Manual of the Medical Botany of the United States of North America
Manual of the medical botany of the United States, containing excerpts about American Maidenhair, common hemlock, common dogwood, yellow ladies' slipper, common strawberry, american pennyroyal, common dandelion, and sweet water-lily.

Letter from Walter Warfield to Richard Anderson, 28 February 1795
Warfield writes to Anderson talking of Captain John O'Fallon's wife's illness and the treatment she must use to get better. The treatments listed include whiskey, wine, bitters, and a pill.