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Letter from James L. Armstrong to Adam Beatty, 4 October 1803
Letter to Adam Beatty from James L. Armstrong, secretary of the Lexington Medical Society, inviting him to join and lists the questions and subjects they intended to focus on during the winter.

Letter from Joseph Buchanan to Samuel Brown, 9 November 1820
Discusses the advantages of establishing a penal colony in the West to replace the present "ineffective" penitentiary system, and the failure of Cincinnati's medical school to commence yet due to the absence of the professor of anatomy and surgery,…

Letter from Charles Caldwell to J. F. Leaming, 9 December 1820
Discusses his experience with influenza, the medical school, and the conditions of living in Lexington, which he states, "all is not right with us...even in paradise was found one serpent..." He mentions some tension happening between his wife and a…

Letter from William Clark to Jonathan Clark, 28 May 1809
Clark writes his brother Jonathan from St. Louis regarding plans to travel east for a visit in the fall and their likely route. He reports how Julia and Lewis are doing, including Lewis being vaccinated with the cowpox and his reaction to being…

Remarks on Cholera, 1833
Remarks on cholera as is appeared in Lexington, Kentucky, in June of 1833. From The Transylvania Journal of Medicine and the Associate Sciences.

Letter from Dr. Daniel Drake to Dr. Charles Wilkins Short, 10 January 1807.
In his 10 January 1817 reply (to Charles Wilkins Short), Drake states the high probability of there being two species of the coffee nut tree but that no one had recognized it. He also mentions that he had accepted a professorship at Transylvania…

A sketch of the medical topography of Lexington and its vicinity, 1806
A sketch of the medical topography of Lexington and its vicinity: being an inaugural dissertation, submitted to the examination of the Rev. John Andrews, D.D. Provost (pro tempore), the trustees, and medical faculty of the University of Pennsylvania,…

Report of the Committee, appointed to inquire into the condition of the Louisville Hospital
Report of the committee, appointed to inquire into the condition of the Louisville Hospital, to which is added, the report & petition of the managers of said institution.

Henry Miller observations on various medical topics, 22 November 1819
In a letter from Henry Miller to Samuel Brown, he shares his observations and speculations on various medical topics, particularly perception, judgement, memory, irritability and sensibility.

Account with Mrs. Sarah Oldham Meriwether and Dr. John L. Murray, 1814
Sarah Oldham Meriwether's account with a physician, Dr. John L. Murray, describes the treatments he rendered.