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Squire Boone deposition, 25 September 1813
Deposition in the case of John Boling vs. Richard Meriwether, addressed to the Clerk of the Shelby Circuit Court. Involves a dispute over land that Squire Boone surveyed.

Daniel Banta legal document, 1 March 1813
Legal document where Daniel Banta is making a complaint against Peter Banta, Albert Paris, and David Demarde over the price of some land acquired from Squire Boone.

John Bryant, deed of emancipation, 5 October 1818
Legally acknowledges Bryant's emancipation of three enslaved persons: Patsey, Adam and Clary. Signed by Bryant and Mercer County, Kentucky Court Clerk, Thomas Allin.

Letter from Jonathan Clark to Isaac Hite, 2 April 1809
In this letter, Jonathan Clark comments on lawsuits he has pending, attorneys' qualifications, fees, and strategies for pursuing the cases.

Edward Worthington vs. Daniel Callaghan & others, 27 June 1801
Court case between Edward Worthington and Daniel Callaghan & others, regarding land Worthington had located for Callaghan in Harrison County, Kentucky, in 1779. Worthington sued for his locator's share of the land.