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Letter to Helen Bullitt Massie from Henry Massie discussing the people they enslave, January 4th, 1811.
A letter from Henry Massie (Oxmoor) to Helen Bullitt Massie (Chilicothe, Ohio), dated January 4th, 1811. Henry writes about the condition of the people they enslave. He mentions the following people by name: Bonser, Fanny, Jim, Luie, Luber, William,…

Inventory of Joshua Fry’s Estate, August 7th, 1754.
An inventory of Joshua Fry's estate, dated August 7th, 1754. The people Joshua Fry enslaved are listed by name and value: Branham, Jack, Bonser, Sompy, Dick, Shorvin, Uam, Joane, Kate, Sarah, Pompy, and Phillis