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Correspondence between George Nicholas the Honorable Robert G. Harper, 1799
Correspondence between George Nicholas, Esq. of Kentucky, and the Hon. Robert G. Harper, member of Congress from the district of 96, state of South Carolina.

A process in the Transilvania Presbytery, 1793
A process in the Transilvania Presbytery, &c. : containing: 1st. The charges, depositions and defence in which the defendent is led occasionally to handle the much debated subject of psalmody. 2d. His reasons for declining, any farther connections…

An index to the laws of Kentucky, 1795
An index of Kentucky laws passed in June and November of 1792, 1793, and 1794. Calculated for the use and convenience of magistrates, attorneys, sheriffs, clerks, coroners, and others, who are necessitated to have frequent recourse to the law.