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The Kentucky Revival
A short history of the late extraordinary out-pouring of the spirit of God in the western states of America, agreeably to Scripture-promises, and prophecies concerning the latter day. With a brief account of the entrance and progress of what the…

History of Maria Creek Church: carefully compiled from the records of the church and from the minutes of Wabash and Union Associations.
Maria Creek Church is one of the oldest Baptist churches in the state of Indiana. This book includes their articles of faith and the history of the church.

An Outline of the History of the Church in the State of Kentucky, During a Period of Forty Years
Contains memoirs of Rev. David Rice, and sketches of the origin and present state of particular churches, and of the lives and labors of a number of men who were eminent and useful in their day. Of special interests by David Rice are, "An Apistle to…

The Rise of Methodism in the West
Journal of the Western Conference, 1800-1811

Travels through the Western Interior of the United States, from the year 1808 up to the year 1816
"Travels through the western interior of the United States, from the year 1808 up to the year 1816: with a particular description of a great part of Mexico, or New-Spain. Containing a particular account of thirteen different tribes of Indians through…

Letter from John Corlis and Nancy Corlis to Mary Ann Corlis and Joseph Corlis, 23 March 1816

Contains an exchange of family pleasantries, mentions of religion, and a set of house plans.

Maurice Thomas Journal, January 1, 1816 - December 31, 1817
Journal kept by Maurice Thomas, member of the United Society of Believers at the Pleasant Hill Community of Shakers in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.

Entries from 1 January 1816 through 31 March 1816 discuss weather conditions, public building projects,…

Observations on Church Government
"Observations on Church Government, in which the world will see the beautiful simplicity of Christian Church Government, stript of human inventions and lordly traditions." The last will and testament of the Springfield Presbytery.