Letter from Henry Massie to Helen Bullitt Massie



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Henry Massie's Memorandum for Mrs. Helen
Massie in his absence to the State of Ohio

If the Horses which I got from Mr. D.
F. Strother should prove (not to answer
the purpose of work horses) after a fair
trial of them you can return them and
take back the mules.

The Lots ought to be cleaned of beans
so soon as the Overseer can spare the
hands to do it. and the sheep ought to
be put in & frequantly changed

The corn must be planted in the course
of the month of April or by the first Week
in May. the 15th of April is soon as it
ought to be [in the] commenced—

Immediately after the corn is planted
The tobacco houses must be put up, and
all leisure time, the overseer ought to be
preparing to Rose them, he must
get the neighbours to help him to Rose
& return the Laber. Caution him not to
let the Hands have too much Whiskey
& to be careful [to] not to let them hurt
themselves in Roseing the Tobacco Run.

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When the Tobacco plants is large enough
to set out tell the overseer he must be careful
to set them out well & examin frequantly
Whether the worm do not cut the plants
& be sure to replant on every occation
untill he gets the crop to stand well
and never to let the Hills get Foul.

I have measurd the Corn Crib and
from my calculation it contains 1369 [Bushels?]
of Corn at least. I think it contains 1400
Bushels, I think 16 3/4 cents in [?] ought
to be got for the whole crip, but must
leave it to you to see for what it will
bring in case it is wanting

Mr. D. F. Strother ows me about 192 Dollors
Mr. Richardson about 72 Dollors, a Note of
John [Kinnegs?] of Portsmouth is in the hands
of Mr. [?] L Thompson of 150 Dollars, the
Two lost Debts. I expect will be paid shortly
I wish as much of them resurved to meet
my next discount which will be Due
on the [2d.?] of June next.

When you go Home tell the overseer that
I want him to give all the Stock a plenty
of the fodder, and the sheep ought to have
some corn also given them. The Hogs must
be well attended to.


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