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Travels through the states of North America, and the provinces of upper and lower Canada, during the years 1795, 1796, and 1797.
Includes view of the natural Rock Bridge, houses, conditions of the enslaved peoples,the land, cultivating tobacco, lower classes of people in Virginia, unhealthy apperances, the Shenandoa Valley, German immigratnts, landscapes, military titles that…

Letters from Illinois
Includes comments on expenditures, crops, the character of Americans, and more.

Letters from the South and West
Contains observations on the first settlers of Kentucky as well as their cabins, crops, animals and customs.

Letter from William Clark to his brother, April 1805
Letter from William Clark to his brother talks of sending his journal to the President and the Secretary of War, documenting his voyage and discoveries. Includes note stating he has included with the letter: one shirt worn by the Mandan Indian women,…

Letter from William Clark to Jonathan Clark, 4 October 1798
William Clark writes his brother Jonathan from Baltimore, Maryland, after journeying from Kentucky to New Orleans with a shipment of tobacco, and then sailing from New Orleans around the Florida peninsula to New Castle, Delaware. Plans on visiting…

Rental agreement between Annie Christian and Jacob Myers, 20 August 1787
Handwritten copy of agreement between Jacob Myers and Annie Christian (per Richard Woolfolk) for rent of the house and part of the land of his plantation for one year in exchange for one hundred and fifty bushels of salt at Bullitt's Lick.

Letter from Jonathan Clark to Isaac Hite, 6 August 1804

Letter discussing money owed for rent on a plantation in 1802. Clark sends love from himself and Sarah, his wife, to Isaac and his family.

Letter from George Corlis to John Corlis, 13 April 1816

Letter from George Corlis to John Corlis contains more on the impending construction of an addition to his house, his continuing troubles finding laborers, and agricultural news.

Letter from Henry Massie to Helen Bullitt Massie
Letter from Henry Massie to his wife, Helen Bullitt Massie, in which he writes of matters for her to attend to while he is in Ohio. He relays information about livestock, planting dates for corn and tobacco, and money affairs.