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Letter, 9 April 1918


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Letter addressed to Louis J. Discher, Co F 120 Infantry, Camp Sevier, S.C.

Tuesday Night
April 9 - 18

Dear Louis:

Your second letter received yesterday, and we are anxiously waiting for that long letter you are going to write.

I went back to see Mrs Seare Saturday afternoon and took her one of your pictures. She thought it was splendid and said to tell you that you made one of the best looking soldiers she had ever seen. Now don't get too conceited over that. Annie came in while I was there and Mrs. Seare showed it to her. She said “Well if that don't look just like Mr. Louis.” Cecilia went to see the parade Saturday afternoon and it was real good.

Sunday afternoon Mary Frances went to picture show with Maude Hinkle and afterward on Fourth Street they met Sergeant Bueren and Young. They talked to them awhile and Bueren said how sorry he was that he did not get out to the house, so Mary Frances invited them out for the evening. Bueren said he had an engagement, but Young told her he would come. We were very much surprised to see him. Our party turned out better than we thought it would. The Heintzmanns and Echsner did not come, so then it was Martin, Johnnie Norton, Alfred Huber and Young. Mary Hinkle brought her music and she certainly can play and sing fine. Willie took them all home in the machine.

Aunt Addie came over yesterday morning to cook soap, stayed last night and as she had to cook it over again she is staying tonight. Last night while we were eating supper Helen Harpring called up and asked us to come down to see Marie and her babies as she was staying out home, and was going to leave today for Nashville, Tenn. Clara, Cecilia, Aunt Addie, Willie & I all went down, and they were telling us that Schrorer has the contract for the hauling for the camp there, and he has taken all five of his trucks down. Last Thursday he took all their furniture down on one of the trucks, and as soon as Marie gets there they are going to house keeping. Rude and Joe are both going to raise tobacco on the farm this summer. I believe they thought they would raise about eight acres. Ed was there yesterday and they said he is going to take another position in St. Louis. Did you ever see such a family for moving around to different places?

We are having a touch of winter weather here. This morning it was down to thirty degrees and there has been such a high wind all day that we feel as cold as in the middle of winter. Every thing looks so pretty. We cut and raked the whole lawn last week, and Willie cleaned the strawberry patch. The lilacs are all in bloom. Our sweet peas are just starting to come up and last Saturday afternoon Willie planted the flower seeds in the hot bed for us.

Clara sent your picture today. I do not know if you will get it before this letter or not. Papa has hauled four loads of coal and expects to finish tomorrow. We have about sixty five little chickens and more coming on. Willie went to the Gibson Dance tonight, he took Agnes Hinkle. The quarter of eleven car is coming down so I suppose I had better say good-bye With love from all.



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