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Letter, 13 April 1918


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Letter addressed to Louis J. Discher, Co F 120 Infantry, Camp Sevier, S.C.

April 13 / 18
Friday P.M.

Dear Louis:

That was really a nice long letter yous wrote us last Sunday. [I]t arrive out home on Wednesday. Uncle Frank received his this morning, was very much pleased. I was so sorry to hear that you and Kremer were sep[a]rated. I was so in hopes you would go across together, thought perhaps your ankle might have put you in the supply company. Who are the boys from Co. C that stayed with you in Co. F?

Papa was down at Diemers yesterday and they told him that Walter had a relapse and I believe has been sent back to the base hospital. I think he went out too soon. Gertrude Vissing is going to help Cecelia make your bag. [S]he made Brother Joe one he is still at Camp T in the Depot Brigade. [T]hey are talking about putting them in quarantine again on account of so much pneumonia. Joe thinks there should be more K.C. buildings and he thinks the Catholic ladies should entertain more like the other denominations do, taking the boys to their homes. Almost all the Italians he is with are Catholic. You know he is such a shining example in my opinion.

Mr Drew entertained at dinner the other night. I believe his son leaves soon. Joe was one of the guests. Otellia went to a meeting at church last night to prepare for a May festival, but on account of the high prices of everything decided on a collection instead. Nobody is sorry. Mary Frances went to a shower at Louise Goepper's this afternoon given by the club for Edith Herbold. Leo Michael has not yet left for France. [H]is squadron is the next to leave. [H]is father and brother Joe spent Easter Sunday with him. [H]e is very glad to be near New York, although he says any place would be better than San Antonia [sic]. [N]o one seems to like that camp. Leo Buser is trying to get into the electrical shops at camp so he can stay here.

Does Kremer get more mail than you, or is your correspondence the heaviest? Tode Gutig said to tell you “Hello,” and Hallie said tell Mr. Louis howdy for me and tell him to be a good boy.

Watch for the package I will mail on Saturday morning. [I]t takes about two days for the mail to reach there. Be sure and let us know how you spent Sunday. [D]o the people ask the boys to dinner there? I am mailing the Herald every day. [D]o you get it? Your picture looks fine on the piano. I had it framed yesterday.

As I do not know a bit of news I will close as ever

Your lovingly


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