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    The Haines write to Weller asking him to send the necessary papers to adopt a child between the ages of 6 and 10. They specify that they want a child with a "sweet dispotion" and "one to have some musical talent." Letter marked Stuttgart, Arkansas. In a follow-up letter from 19 Oct 1893, E. Haines writes to the Home to say that they finally sent in their adoption paper, and says "I do not suppose it is necessary for me to dictate any Rant to send Hattie for I suppose you ar familiar with all of the Honts [?]" In another letter from Nov 13, 1893, Haines asks for the details of the girl's delivery to Stuttgart, stating that they would meet her in Memphis but needed notice. Letter marked Stuttgart, Ark. In a letter from 10 Sept 1895, Haines writes to the Home regarding their adopted daughter, Hattie May Jefferson, complaining about the girl and asking to return her to the Home. He says that they have "tride very hard to get a long with the child but it seems to be all in vain she takes no intrest in nothing whatever." He goes on to say that they could keep her until she is older, but "she will be of little service to us" and says that "it is very unpleasant to have any members of the Family compelled to live in such a confusion." He asks for the letter to be considered an application to return the child. Letter marked Stuttgart, AR.

    Stuttgart, Arkansas, Edward Haines, Susan Haines, Hattie May Jefferson
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