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1970 holiday party_BF_J59_177.jpg
Article featuring a Jewish Hospital employee holiday party from the periodical Micro Scoop.

1967 candy stripers_BF_J59_143.jpg
Clipping from the Jewish Hospital periodical Micro Scoop featuring a photo of a group of women hospital volunteers, also called candy stripers.

1970 pacemaker recipient_BF_J59_208.jpg
Clipping from the Jewish Hospital Publication Service featuring a recipient, Rev. James Purvis, of a cardiac pacemaker at 105 years old.

1972 March April Service guild_BF_J59_208.jpg
Clipping from Service about the Women's Guild raising funds for the coronary care unit.

1955 future pamphlet city within a city_BF_J59_4.jpg
This graphic and text are from a Jewish Hospital expansion fund pamphlet. Provides examples of the amount of labor needed to run a hospital.

1970 Bessie Bowman_BF_J59_177.jpg
Article from the Jewish Hospital periodical Micro Scoop, featuring longtime employee Bessie Bowman. Bowman worked in the laundry department and was employee-of-the-month.

1919 Bernheim Memorial Hosp_BF_J59_296.jpg
In January 1918, distillers and philanthropists Bernard and Isaac Bernheim contributed $100,000 for an addition to the Jewish Hospital. One of the conditions attached to the brothers’ donation was their request to rename the hospital Bernheim…

1918 board resolution_BF_J59_297.jpg
Board resolution to keep the name Jewish Hospital. After the Bernheims informed the board in December that Jewish Hospital could keep their donation without renaming the hospital, the board passed this resolution accepting the gift from the Bernheims…

1969 kosher cook_BF_J59_170.jpg
Clipping from Service, a Jewish Hospital publication featuring stories about hospital employees and developments, was distributed to members of the Jewish Hospital Association. The clipping features of picture Ms. Evelyn Corder holding a tray of the…

1979 Col Sanders_BF_J59_278.jpg
Image and caption from the Jewish Hospital periodical Micro Scoop featuring Colonel Sanders posing with nurses from Jewish Hospital. The Kentucky Fried Chicken founder was 90 years old when he died at Jewish Hospital in December 1980.
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