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Captured in September of 1911 this image shows members of the Russell Family posed below the Falls of the Niagara. The caption on the back reads: from left to right- Frank, Tox, Lilian, Joyce, Hobart, Kent, JBH, N, and Le.
Domestic help Charley and Al are pictures with the family's cows. This undated photograph was taken in front of the carriage house of the Russell's Peterson Avenue home.
Image taken of two unidentified boys on the beaches of Coney Island.

Enid_PrivateViewing_vol. 94.jpg
Page of Enid Bland Yandell's early career scrapbook. Enid actively documented her career by clipping articles that related to her and other sculptors works. This page shows a business card Enid created for a private viewing at her studio at 315 W.…
Five undated images of Hobart Russell with various props and poses.
Frank Russell pictured with two other men named Ramsey and Cox in front of the Clay City National Bank, ca. 1903. Frank would later be Director of the Lincoln Bank and Trust Co., U. S. Trust Co., and the Winchester Bank.
On a duck hunting trip with Lilian in January of 1904, Frank is seen here with a rifle off the Florida coast.
Frank Russell atop a heading at a stave mill-- possibly Clay City.
This snapshot was captured on a 1905 trip to Cuba. The photo captures the happenings and people of Obispo Street.
This undated image shows Hobart (Hobit) Russel; getting ready to take his mother(Lilian Russell) and his sister Joyce for a car ride.
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