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Framed documents from the Women at Work Exhibit
A framed set of four documents from the Filson's exhibit "Women at Work." Documents start from the left and go clockwise:

Guardian Papers for Abraham Pharris and Marcine Pharris signed by J. J. Terry, March 26th, 1894.
An offical document of guardianship from the State of Kentucky, Jefferson county, stating that the court appoints J. J. Terry the legal guardian of Abraham and Marcine Pharris. The Pharris' are under 14 years of age, of Nathan Pharris (deceased,),…

Incomplete Letter from F. M. Featherston, February 1st, 1896.
Incomplete letter; last page only. Featherston writes to the Home about children in his area seemingly orphaned or otherwise vulnerable. He says that "the girl is a nice child rather small for her age." He asks to hear from the Home immediately,…

Incomplete Letter from J. H. Switzer, undated.
Incomplete letter from J.H. Switzer.

Incomplete Letter from J. I. Weaver, undated.
J. I. Weaver writes to the Home regarding the children of J. C. Reynolds and his wife. He says that Mr. Reynolds died three years ago, and last Friday the 12th, Mrs. Reynolds died and left two little boys. Her last request was that the boys be taken…

Incomplete Letter from R. W. Mahan, undated.
Mahan writes to the Home on behalf of Daniel Hays, asking him to "send them the ages and characteristics of the boy and girl." He adds that Hays is "a bachelor and probably will remain such." Letter marked Barwell, KY.

Incomplete Letter from W. S. Ryland, undated.
Ryland writes on behalf of an unnamed man who is seemingly interested in getting a girl from the Home. The first part of the letter is missing, so the man's name is unavailable. Ryland also offers Reb. G. H. Burnett and Deacon David Childres to…

Jonathan Clark Steamboat Ride Diary Entry, 9 November 1811

Jonathan Clark Diary 11-9-1811 (Mss. A C593a).JPG
Shortly before his death, on 9 November 1811, Jonathan Clark recorded in his diary his ride on the first steamboat on western waters, the New Orleans. He rode from Louisville upstream to Diamond [Eighteen Mile] Island and back.

Letter about Kosher Food Services, May 23, 1967

1967 kosher foods_BF_J59_146.jpg
In this letter, Hy Spikell of Kosher Foods writes that after Jewish Hospital closes its Obstetrical Department, his business will provide “orthodox pre-cooked frozen meals” to Jewish patients at other Louisville hospitals.