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    Political banner by the Germantown Tippecanoe Club printed with a quote from William Henry Harrison, 1840.
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    Drum of Louisville Legion. The drum has a wooden cylindrical body which supports on three sides a layer of green paint, and in front an image of a soldier. To the left of the image, is painted, "Louisville Legion 1840," and to the left of that, "Kentucky Rifles 3'd CO. L.L.," which stands for third company of the Louisville Legion. Brass brads secure the cylinder. The bottom and top are similar, both having leather stretched on thin wooden hoops which fit over the edge of the cylindrical body. Also, on each end are two thick wooden bands, painted in red, which contain holes through which the ropes were tied.

    This drum was used in the field band of the Louisville Legion during the march to the Mexican War in June 1846. The drum was also used in the Civil War by the Louisville Legion, known as the Fifth Kentucky Infantry and was used during the Spanish-American War.

    The Southern cultivator: and journal of science and general improvement, a semi-monthly publication, devoted in the main to the interests of agriculture. Included are scans of two articles titled, "Education and common schools in a Democracy", and "The hemp culture in Kentucky and Tennessee".
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