Letter, 4 September 1918 with cover



Letter, 4 September 1918 with cover


Frank Raymond Lane, Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, to Nellie Rahe, Milan, Indiana.


4 September 1918


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Mss. A L265 / 2


Letter addressed to Miss Nellie F. Rahe, Milan, Indiana, Rural Route #2, Box 52 Postmarked Friday, September 6, 1918.

25 Battery F.A.C.O. T S Camp Taylor, Kentucky [Wednesday] September 4, 1918

Sweetheart - Again I will write you a few lines and continue my old story yet will [add] a few new sentences. Went over to Company yesterday evening and ask to come home Sat., but nothing doing. I have to be here four months first then will get the big sum of five days. but I did get a chance to get a pass to town, so if nothing prevents I will go see Mrs Klotter tomorrow evening and if every thing is O.K. perhaps we can arrange so that you can come down there and we can meet because if she is a cousin and a friend of Johns I don't see where it would come amiss, do you? I will write when I get back from there if I get to go and tell you what kind of a time I had and what I saw. It looks kind of hard to see fellows all around you going home and you can't. I guess we will get some pay very soon now as I understood that they would pay off in our company today so as I am in that company I expect some pay. I just finished a letter to Alice Schulte, and when I finish this I am going to write to Pa. I wonder if they have moved yet. I have not heard from them since they were here only thru Ann and she talked of nothing only about me wanting Pa to quit farming. This finds me feeling well and I hope you are well and not worr[y]ing yourself half to death. sometimes when I get to thinking about you it seems as if I could not stand it any longer. yet I guess all will come out right in the end. Well hoping to see you some time before long I am as every yours
With love

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