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Letter, [5] September 1918 with cover




[Letter addressed to Miss Nellie F. Rahe, Milan, Indiana, Rural Route #2, Box 52 Postmarked Friday, September 6, 1918. 25 Battery F.A.C.O. T S Camp Taylor, Kentucky [Probably September 5, 1918]

Sweetheart Nellie -
Well at last I have found out where I am going, for at least two weeks, then I don't know where, so you must write every way [sic] until I tell you when to quit. I came here this morning and find it a better place than I left. I was on duty until noon and now I am off until Monday noon. I won't get to come home yet for a while as I will have to work for two weeks more and then I will try for a furlough. I went over to my Company this afternoon and got my courtesy card. now perhaps I can get a pass to see Mrs Klotter. hope so at least. This morning the artillery was moving to West Point Kentucky, and the string lasted for 1/2 hr and was nothing but horses, men and guns mounted on carriages [word indecipherable]. it sure was some sight. Well the paper says that Germany can't last longer than 60 days and if this be true it means as all home [Sic.] before long. hope so with all my heart altho I would have liked to have run a bayonet thru one of those human destroyers. I saw Will Bateman over at the 29th Company and he gave me one of his pictures, so now I will have to give him one of mine. he expects to be transferred before long. he does not know where but I have an idea to Alabama. I want you to answer this right away if you can get time, but if you have to[o] much to do, and take care of Bonnie[?] besides you will be awful tired and I dont want you to work to[o] hard because when I come back I want to find my w-fe [sic] looking rosie and well, ready to welcome one who is trying for her sake to be a man. I am trusting that this won't be long, aren't you.
Yours to command I remain, with love
Pvt. Frank R. Lane
25 Battery F.A.C.O.T.S.
Camp Taylor, Kentucky


Lane, Frank Raymond, “Letter, [5] September 1918 with cover,” The Filson Historical Society Digital Projects, accessed April 21, 2024,