Stow Family Gathering


Stow Family Gathering


This mounted photograph depicts various members of the Stow family at a family gathering on October 16, 1896. On the photograph, someone has identified some of the members of the family, but the donor of the collection has determined that several of the identifications are incorrect. They have provided a key in identifying all of the people present in the image, moving from left to right, up and down.
A. Lemuel B. Stow (1866-1934)
B. Ella Madison Stow (1874-1913) holding Baron H. Stow (July 1896-1962)
C. Wilbur Stow (December 1894-1979)
D. Viola Stow Dufour (1841-1912)
E. J. Howard Stow (1833-October 1898)
F. Shelomith Stow (1819-1901)
G. Walter Hutchings (1866-1937)
H. Minerva Mccauley Stow (1843-1921)
I. Harry D. Stow (1889-1932)
J. Minnie Stow (1868-1938)
K. Horace Stow (1805-December 1898)
L. Livia Jane Stow Branham (1827-1903)
M. Nannie Madison Stow Tyler (1865-1903)
N. W. Dean Tyler (1865-1938)
O. Horace ""Harry"" M. Stow (1861-1946)
P. Mary Sanders Stow (1866-1963)
Q. unidentified (possibly a child or dependent of Harry and Mary Stow
Also included with this photograph is a detailed explanation of all of the relationships within the family.
1. All the Stows here, excluding spouses, are descended from Jonah and Livia Stow. Horace and Shelomith were their sons, as were Hiram (d. 1830), Solomon (d. 1846), and Uzziel (d. 1890). Most of the people in this photo, excluding spouses, are decedents of Horace Stow through his son J. Howard Stow.
2. Livia Jan Stow Branham was a daughter of Horace. J. Howard Stow was a son of Horace. Minerva McCauley Stow was J. Howard's wife.
3. Lemuel B. Stow was one of J. Howard Stow's sons. Wilbur and Baron are sons of Lemuel (thus grandsons of J. Howard Stow, and great grandsons of Horace). Lemuel's daughter Olive was born in 1906, and thus cannot be in the infant in Ella Stow's arms.
4. Minnie R. Stow was a daughter of H. Howard Stow and thus a sister to Lemuel. She was Horace's granddaughter. She never married.
5. Horace ""Harry"" M. Stow was another son of J. Howard Stow, and a brother to Minnie and Lemuel. Harry married Mary Sanders in 1893. The 1900 census recorded that Mary had not given birth to any child as of then.
6. Loring S. Stow, who died before this photo was taken, was yet another son of J. Howard Stow. He married Nannie Madison in 1888. but died in January 1890. Their only child, Harry D. Stow, was born in 1889. Nannie then married W. Dean Tyler, and Harry D. Stow was raised in his household.
7. Viola Stow Dufour was a daughter of Uzziel Stow. Her husband Frank Dufour was alive at the time this photograph was taken, but he did not make it into the picture, not did any of their offspring.
8. Walter Hutchings was neither a relative, nor a suitor. Perhaps he was in the employ of one of the elder Stows."




Stow Family Photograph Collection - The Filson Historical Society


October 16, 1896


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