Stow Family Photograph Collection


Stow Family Photograph Collection


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This small photographic collection documents the family of Uzziel Hayward Stow (1809-1890) and Catharine Manser Stow (1811-1899) of Switzerland County, Indiana. Uzziel and Catharine shared New England ancestral origins, as well as similar experiences migrating from western New York to southeastern Indiana as children in the late 1810s. Independently, their parents settled in Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana in the early 1820s, and there Uzziel and Catharine ultimately met. They were married in 1834, and for the remainder of their lives resided at “Stowtown,” south of East Enterprise, Indiana. They had four children: Hiram S. Stow (1835-1853), Loring B. Stow (1838-1860), Viola A. Stow Dufour (1841-1912), and Baron P. Stow (1847-1864). Tragically, the three sons of the family all died young.

The Stows were farmers who by the 1850s were entering upon prosperity, due in part to the sheer industriousness of Uzziel Stow, and his pursuit of “improvement” in agricultural practice and technology. The family home was situated in the Ohio Valley, along one of the major inland transportation and migration routes of the day. Images include a mix of 19th century photographic formats, cabinet cards, Carte-de-visite, and four cased ambrotypes.


Stow Family Papers, The Filson Historical Society Special Collections, Mss. A S891




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Stow family Papers, 1820-1923. 6 cu. ft.
Mss. A S891


Black-and-white photographs


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Collection Items

Stow Family Gathering
This mounted photograph depicts various members of the Stow family at a family gathering on October 16, 1896. On the photograph, someone has identified some of the members of the family, but the donor of the collection has determined that several of…

Home of Uzziel and Catharine Stow, 1875
This is a reversed image ca. 1875 of the home of Uzziel and Catharine Stow. Belle Dufour Stepleton (1883-1979) added the penciled caption probably in the 1940s or 1950s. Her son Donald Stpleton (1909-2003) copied Belle's inscription in ink about 50…

Minnie R. Stow, Minerva McCauley Stow, and Viola Stow Dufour, 1907
This photograph is mounted in a folio and depicts three members of the Stow family, Minnie R. Stow (1868-1938), Minerva McCauley Stow (1843-1921), and Viola Stow Dufour (1841-1912). Viola is seated at right. Minerva, the wife of J. Howard Stow, is in…

Viola Stow Dufour, 1910
This mounted photograph of Viola Stow Dufour (1841-1912) was taken ca. 1910, after the death of her husband and two years before her death.

Francis R. Dufour, 1900
Mounted photograph of Francis R. Dufour (1836-1907) dating from the early 1900s, was taken at Frank's home, with tobacco and corn crops in view.

Francis R. Dufour, 1900
Mounted photograph of Francis R. Dufour (1836-1907) standing outside holding hat.

Francis R. Dufour, ca. 1862
Carte-de-visite of Francis R. Dufour (1836-1907). Image appears to date from ca. 1862, either just prior to his marriage to Viola Stow, or shortly thereafter.

Carte-de-visite of possibly Catherine Manser Stow, ca. 1862
According to the family, Belle Dufour Stepleton, Catharine's granddaughter, identified this photo, but we're not absolutely certain that she is correct. If it is Catharine, she is not wearing her spectacles, and would appear to be in her late 60s or…

Uzziel Hayward Stow, 1888
Cabinet card of Uzziel Hayward Stow (1809-1890) two years before his death, when he was 79 years old. He preferred plain attire and may have been a reluctant subject.

Catharine Manser Stow, 1888
Cabinet card of Catharine Manser Stow (1811-1899) at age 77. She has donned her wig and a modest, lacey cap for the occasion.
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