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    Letter to Mary Hollingsworth from W. M. Carr discussing the treatment of a former "inmate" of the home, Lula, who has been adopted by Mr. W. O. Haynes. Since writing last, Mr. Henderson has gotten the Court involved, and matters are much worse than Carr imagined. He hopes Lula can find a new home within the county, even with him and his wife, who are neighbors to the Haynes's. Carr describes a visit to the Haynes home that left Mr. and Mrs. Haynes crying, claiming Lula was "naturally disposed to steal" and that they were doing their duty as parents. Mr. Green A. Robinson is said to visit Louisville the next week, possibly bringing Lula with him. Carr also mentioned that he spoke to Judge Givens, Haynes's brother, on the matter. Mr. Haynes has agreed to have Lula reclaimed and his bond cancelled.
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