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Letter to the Baptist Orphans Home from J. H. Black and others, April 10th, 1893.
J. H. Black, G. Dudley, Carlisle, R. W. Mahan write to the Home to recommend the Dillsons, Webbs, and Denaldsens to adopt children. They state that they are good Christians, would educate the children, provide for them, and bring them up "in good…

Letter to W. L. Weller from Joshua Naylor, April 12th, 1894.
Judge Joshua Naylor writes a strongly worded letter to the Home regarding Netta, an 18 year old adoptee from the area. He says that Weller misinterpreted his previous letter, and that there is no way that Netta would want to go back to the Home, as…

Letter to the Home from W. J. Roney, September 24th, 1893.
W. J. Roney writes to Weller to ask him to send the necessary papers to "apprentis the twins to W. D. Hutchuson Hickman, KY." He also asks for details to arrange to meet the children. Letter signed also by Hutchuson. Letter marked Fulton, KY.

Letter to Miss Mary Hollingsworth from W. S. Roney, September 6th, 1893.
W. S. Roney writes to Hollingsworth on behalf of the Hutchinsons, who want to apprentice a girl and a boy "from 8 and 10, to 10, and 12 years of age." They prefer brother and sister and have no children. Sender writes from Fulton, KY; Hutchinsons…

Letter to Miss Mary Hollingsworth from W. S. Roney, December 29th, 1894.
W. S. Roney writes to Hollingsworth a recommendation for the Randals to adopt a "nice little girl, 8 to 12 years of age." Letter marked Fulton, KY.