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Letter from John May to Samuel Beall, 15 April 1780

John May in his 15 April 1780 letter to Samuel Beall proposes to go down the river to talk to Spanish officials about navigation on the lower Mississippi and also discusses Native American threats.

Letter from Barthelemi Tardiveau to St. John de Crevecoeur, 25 August 1789.
In a letter to St. John de Crevecoeur, dated 25 August 1789, Tardiveau discusses his activities in Kentucky, events occurring there, the state of agriculture, manufacturing, and trade (specifically mentions Kentucky trading with the Spanish…

Letter from Isaac Shelby to Henry Knox, 10 February 1794.
A letter from Isaac Shelby in which he informs Henry Knox that two more people have been killed by Southern Indians since his last letter. He expects attacks by the Creek and Chickamauga as soon as winter breaks. Again requesting power to raise men…