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  • MssBA_P738_F10.pdf

    The Plymouth Settlement House Board of Directors Minutes is a 66 page document that details proceedings of the Board of Directors' meetings and Executive Board's meetings that occurred from January 26, 1967 to January 28, 1971 in Louisville, Kentucky. The document also includes two letters from the Indiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ to the ministers of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference.
  • MssBA_P738_F09_009.pdf

    The "Plymouth Settlement House Relevance for the 70's" is a 61-page booklet that details the policies and objectives of a settlement house operated by Plymouth Congregational Church in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. The booklet also describes the services, programs and organizations for children and their families and senior citizens, summer camps, financial and governmental aid, sports and recreation, and education. The estimated budget for many of the programs and church are documented.
  • MssBA_P738_F09_001_OCR.pdf

    The "Report of Activities of Plymouth Settlement House: 'A Community Chest Agency' 1938-1939" is a nine-page pamphlet documenting the management, staff, policies, and how the house provides aid to the surrounding community in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, through pictures and descriptions. The pamphlet also documents the enrollment and organizations of the settlement house, with a detailed weekly schedule included. The Plymouth Settlement House conducted a survey of the surrounding community and found the economic background, interest, and recreation of the people interviewed.
  • MssBA_P738_F08_026.pdf

    The proposed program is a two-page typescript, themed "A Thrust That's New for '72!" for Plymouth Congregational Church in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. The program intends to reactivate all inactive members, add 50 or more new members, develop a broad program for the church youth, establish a system of visitation for inactive members, organize a year-round stewardship program, build a community outreach program, and appoint a Task Force to help coordinate the program.
  • MssBA_P738_F08_017.pdf

    The annals of Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, Louisville, Kentucky, is a six-page typescript recording the events of the church and its members from December 1969 to November 30th, 1970.
  • MssBA_P738_F08_013.pdf

    The "Sermon on the Occasion of Jonathan N. Robinson's Installation at Plymouth Church" is a four-paged typescript by D. R. Buckthal. The sermon is titled "The Pastor- A Prophet, Shephard and an Example" based on Ephesians 4: 1-16 and was delivered on May 11, 1969 at Plymouth Congregational Church, Louisville, Kentucky. Topics include challenges for clergy and interpretations of what a pastor should be based on scripture.
  • MssBA_P738_F08_007.pdf

    "Operation Breakthrough: The Servant Church Facing the 20th Century" is a five-page document that details Plymouth Congregational Church's plan to break the separation between people, God, and neighbors. The plan is a two-year program during which the church aims to touch on the needs, wants, and dreams of mankind on five (5) levels: the immediate community, the members of the church, the city of Louisville, Kentucky, the world, and wherever an individual may be.
  • MssBA_P738_F02.pdf

    The Plymouth Congregational Church's minutes and financial records ledger is a 56-page volume that documents the meetings of the members from January 28, 1923 to January 24, 1934 in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. The volume also contains Financial records kept from 1924 to 1936, including budgets, expenses, incomes, checks, receipts, and salaries.
  • MssBA_P738_F08_030.pdf

    The 1973 Proposed Slate of the Plymouth Congregational Church is a list of the proposed candidates for election from the annual meeting held on December 13, 1972, in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • MssBA_P738_F08_023.pdf

    The "Summary of Suggestions made by members of Plymouth Church at a workshop on March 27, 1971" is a three-page typescript depicting the wants of the members under the following topics: stimulating greater involvement of current members, reactivating inactive members, and bringing in new members.
  • MssBA_P738_F08_012.pdf

    The letter written from Benjamin D. Berry Jr. to his Brothers and Sisters in Christ is a one-page typescript asking the members of Plymouth Congregational Church (Louisville, Kentucky) to begin a type of service where members meet in rotating homes to discuss non-religious topics.
  • MssBA_P738_F08_004.pdf

    Plymouth Congregational Church's bulletin for July 7, 1968 is a three-page typescript that outlines the schedule of service. There is a note written in pen, noting this the "Final Sunday of Ministry."
  • MssBA_P738_F08_001.pdf

    The 90th Anniversary bulletin from Plymouth Congregational Church is a three-page typescript depicting the monumental service and the history behind the church and the settlement house in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.
  • MssBA_P738_F07_008.pdf

    "To Move Mountains" is a two-page typescript of Rev. Benjamin D. Berry's sermon on the Civil Rights Movement delivered on July 10, 1966 at Plymouth Congregational Church in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • MssBA_P738_F07_006.pdf

    The "Amendment To The Articles of Incorporation of the Plymouth Congregational Church" is a two-page typescript that amends the Russell neighborhood, Louisville, Kentucky church's articles of incorporation from 1928. The amendment absolves the previous Article VI and the drawing of lots to determine the length of term is added, present trustees and Chairman were updated, and vacancies will now be filled for the remaining term by ballot in a meeting of members of the church.
  • MssBA_P738_F07_002.pdf

    The Plymouth Congregational Church of Louisville, Kentucky, Articles of Incorporation is a 4-page typescript that describes the administrative structure and functions of the church.
  • MssBA_P738_F07_001.pdf

    The "List of Plymouth Church Members Present at June 8 Meeting" is a one-page document of the 148 members that were present at the meeting for Plymouth Congregational Church, Louisville, Kentucky.
  • MssBA_P738_F06_001.pdf

    The Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ Centennial Year book is a 70-page volume documenting the history of the historically Black church and centennial celebration in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. The book includes pictures and descriptions of the current and former members and leadership of the church, individual committees and their members, and organizations and photos of participants. Former politicians and national church leadership's letters are included, congratulating the Plymouth on its centennial year. The book narrates the community involvement of the members, music, contributions (both individual and collective), and stained glass windows. The book ends with advertisements and congratulatory notes from local businesses and organizations.
  • MssBA_P738_F01_004.jpg

    The blueprint of Plymouth Congregational Church of Louisville, Kentucky on the 366 block of Chestnut Street and the corner of 17th street is a one-page blueprint of the property owned by Plymouth Church. The blueprint includes the dimensions of both the church and settlement house.
  • MssBA_P738_F01_001.pdf

    The West Louisville Evangelical Church of Louisville, Kentucky Articles of Incorporation is a 3-page typescript that describes the administrative structure and functions of the church. The Articles of Incorporation include the names of the members who founded the church and outlines the term lengths of the Board of Trustees.
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