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    Helen Purviance of Huntington, Indiana served the first Salvation Army doughnut to a homesick doughboy in France on October 19, 1917. Her Hoosier hospitality caught on. Soon other “lassies” were serving 9,000 doughnuts per day to America’s boys “over there.” Printed in 1918 and designed by George M. Richards (1880-1958).

    A haunting depiction of war’s realities used to encourage home front food conservation. The poster reads "Blood or Bread. Others are giving their blood. You will shorten the war- save life if you eat only what you need and waste nothing."

    Food conservation was encouraged on the home front. Poster designed by John E. Sheridan, (1880-1948). Sheridan created works for publications such as: The Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s Weekly, and Ladies’ Home Journal.
  • Stuck on You.jpg

    Poster for Images featuring various colors and sizes of buttons. Text of the poster reads "Stuck on You."
  • Tin Can Buddha.jpg

    Poster photography and design by Julius Friedman. The poster depicts a piano on fire. The poster reads "Tin Can Buddha: Eighty-Eight Shades of Blue"
  • Going to the Dogs.jpg

    Poster for the Kentucky Art & Craft Foundation featuring a poodle in sunglasses. The poster reads "Going to the Dogs: Shelter for the Discerning Canine."
  • Unbelievable Color.jpg

    Poster for the Hennegan Printing Company featuring a paintbrush made of crayons being dipped into a paint can.
  • Earth 1.jpg

    Poster for Art Center Association featuring a nice table setting with earth worms on a plate.
  • Toe on Egg .jpg

    Poster for the Louisville Ballet. The image depicts a ballet dancer's toe delicately balancing on an egg.

    Framed original painted poster from the 1924 Kentucky State Fair which won the first place ribbon in the Women's Department, Art and Craft Section.
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