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A cartes-de-visite of an unknown man taken at the studio of Hermann Gunter in Hannover, Germany.

Examples of the difference in size between a carte-de-visite and a cabinet card. Two common photographic formats of the late 19th century.

Carte-de-visite of Hiram S. Stow (1835-1853). This image has apparently been replicated from an ambrotype that was taken ca. 1853, when Hiram was 18.

Carte-de-visite of Loring B. Stow (1838-1860) This image has apparently been replicated from an ambrotype that was taken in the late 1850s.

Carte-de-visite of Baron P. Stow (1847-1864). On Friday, January 29, 1864, Baron Stow wrote in his diary: "I… went down town and got my Photographs taken. I passed some time before I could get them to look natural." Later, on February 3, 1864, he…

According to the family, Belle Dufour Stepleton, Catharine's granddaughter, identified this photo, but we're not absolutely certain that she is correct. If it is Catharine, she is not wearing her spectacles, and would appear to be in her late 60s or…

Carte-de-visite of Francis R. Dufour (1836-1907). Image appears to date from ca. 1862, either just prior to his marriage to Viola Stow, or shortly thereafter.
Carte-de-visite of Viola A. Stow (1841-1912). This image appears to have been taken before Viola's marriage to Frank Dufour in October, 1862. Note that an identical table serves as a prop in the studio photographs of her brother Baron [018PC4.04-.05]

Patty Thum was known for her paintings of flowers, especially roses but she was also a talented landscape and portrait artist. She is one of the city’s earliest professional woman artists. She also was an author, inventor and a major advocate for…

Back of a studio cabinet card with Hermann Gunter's photograph studio logo in Hannover, Germany.
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