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A photograph of the Gunter family having tea outside.

A photograph of a Christmas Tree at the Gunter family residence on Mellwood Ave, ca. 1900.

Photograph of home at 1313 Mossrose Ave ca. 1913.

Paul Gunter and family on a rowboat at Harrod's Creek.

Photograph of Johanna Gunter with children in a field taken by Paul Gunter. The photo combines Paul Gunter's skill for naturalism and art photography with his experience with studio portraiture.

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Photograph of the Gunter children on a horse. The description on the photograph identifies the children from left to right: Ines, Erna, Hermann, Ralph.

Group photograph take by Paul Gunter taken outdoors with members of the Gunter and Struck families.

A studio portrait photograph take at Herman Gunter's studio in Germany.

Photograph of Prince Ernest Augustus with his two sisters Princess Frederica of Hanover and Princess Marie of Hanover. Their father was the last king of Hanover.

Studio photograph of Paul Gunter having tea with his wife Johanna. Likely taken shortly after they were married in 1888. The photo was taken in Hannover, Germany, likely at Herman Gunter, Jr.'s studio.
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