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  • CA_AmericanParty_Broadside_2-1.jpg

    This broadside linked the American Revolution's result, "INDEPENDENCE OF FOREIGN NATIONS", to the 1850s "danger of foreign influence" they believed was posed by immigration of Germans and Irish. This threat was magnified by the "most gross and outrageous frauds...committed under our present Naturalization system." Once naturalized, adult white male immigrants could vote.
  • Clay Songs012.jpg

    Broadside with campaign songs in support of Henry Clay for president
  • MssAB858_Briney_115.jpg

    Page from the papers of Ms. Melville Otter Briney of Louisville, Kentucky. On this page is pasted a streamer that reads "Votes for Women," accompanied by a note: "I was a page at Mrs. Snowden's lecture." Otter is referring to the November 1915 lecture given by British feminist Ethel Snowden at the Masonic Theater in Louisville.
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