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  • copy of lord bindith.jpg

    Image of a tile mosaic by Harold Berg designed for Jewish Hospital’s Wheeler Tower, which opened in 1973. It pairs scenes of pharmacy and surgery with a comfort promised to the Jewish people in the book of Isaiah: the healing powers of a compassionate God.
  • FortNelson_1.jpg

    Front and side views of Mitcher's Distillery in downtown Lousville, 2022. The building, also known as the Fort Nelson Building, dates back to the 1870s. The cast-iron, limestone, and brick structure survived the 1890 tornado and the 1937, but sat vacant for several decades until Mitcher's Distillery occupied the space in 2019. The space was revitalized by Joseph & Joseph + Bravura Architects.
  • JH Murals Maimonides.jpg

    Mosaic created by Harold Berg for Jewish Hospital's 75th anniversary celebration. The mosaic features a quotation from Maimonides’ Prayer from the 12th century.
  • KYSci_1.jpg

    Front of the Kentucky Science Center. The sign at top of the building says "Carter Dry Goods Co."

    Founded in 1871 as a natural history collection, the museum was known as Louisville Museum of Natural History & Science and the Louisville Science Center before becoming the Kentucky Science Center.

    Built in 1878 by J. Clarke, the front features a distinctive cast-iron facade with geometric designs and head panels on the windows. The cornice on the top of the building reads "Carter Dry Goods." The city purchased the property in 1975 and the museum moved to the premises in 1977, serving as another example of a successful revitalization project to preserve the building.
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