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    Olds writes to the Home to inquire about taking a girl from the Home under apprenticeship. He says he would like one between 10 and 12 years, helthy, honest, bright, can learn to do house work and that is not Dutch or Irish. He provides references, and requests that Hollingsworth pick a child that suits their family. Letter marked Tacketts Mill, Owen Co., KY. In a letter from 8 Sept 1894, Olds writes to Weller to send $2 and bonds to have the girl sent on the Slim Falls City next wekk to Monterey KY. He says he will meet her there. Letter marked Tacketts Mill, KY. In a letter from 14 Sept 1894, Olds says that he will be at Monterey Sept 18th to "meet Miss Zetta Farmer at the boat." Letter marked Tacketts Mills, Owen Co., KY.

    Williams writes to the Home regarding two orphans in his town. He says they are 8 and 10 year old boys who are bright. Letter marked Morehead, KY. On a letter from 4 August 1894, Williams writes again to say that he is "very sorry you cannot admit the two little brothers 8 & 10 years respectively." He says he also has two little sisters of a different family, 7 and 12 years old. He asks the Home to reconsider. Letter marked Morehead, KY. In a letter from 29 August 1894, Williams says that "after all [his] persistent effort in behalf of the orphan children of our town in securing for them a place in our home: they wont any of them now aggree to let the children go." Letter marked Morehead, KY.

    Mrs. Amie Goodman writes to the Home regarding her sister, Eliza. She says that she is between 6 and 8 years old and is blind in one eye and was left at the Home last winter sometime. She says that she is married now and wishes to adopt Eliza, as she is her only sister and can take care of her. Letter marked Hodgenville, KY. In a letter from 19 June 1894, H. C. Kenduck of the Home of Methodist Orphans writes to the Home regarding Eliza Collard. She says that Amie Goodman wrote to them, but they have no record of her, and want to see if the Home had her. Letter marked Louisville, KY. In a letter from 26 June 1894, Amie writes that she is unable to come to pick up Eliza, but that she can send money for Eliza to be brought to her. Letter marked Hodgenville, KY. In a letter from 30 June 1894, Amie says she encloses $1 and the necessary bonds. She says that she can meet her July 3rd if she is sent, and the letter is signed also by William R. Goodman. Letter marked Hodgenville, KY. In a letter from 20 August 1894, Mrs. Mira Ash writes to the Home to say that "there is a great deal of complaint of the home that little Eliza Collard has." She goes on to say that Amie stayed with her before she was married and though "it seems strange to say that she would treat her little sister so unkind," she is satisfied that what she has heard is true. She says that the house they stay in is very small, they do not send Eliza to school, allow her to nap, or get her new clothes, and won't allow other children to come over to play with her. Eliza told Ash that she wants to "come back up there but is afraid to tell them because she thinks that they will whip her." The situation is time-sensitive, as the Goodmans are moving "next Thurs. 23rd" to Summit, KY, where "they will be in a neighborhood where the people are something like themselves and would allow the child to be treated most any way." She says for the Home to contact Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Floyd and Mrs. Soncinda Scipses for more information. Letter marked Hodgenville, KY. In a letter from 29 August 1894, Ash writes to say that the Goodmans moved to East View, KY, not Summit. She says that the last she spoke to Eliza she was being treated very poorly and could "scarcely find a worse home." She says she hopes the Home will inquire soon, and says "to be very plain about it Amie is not (or does not seem to be) very bright and is of a very strange and unpleasant disposition." She also says "Eliza was almost without clothes when she left," implying that the Goodmans have already departed for East View. Letter marked Hodgenville, KY. In a letter from 31 August 1894, a letter from Mrs. Amie Goodman inquires about adopting a boy 9 or 10 years old to Mrs. Leharly Johnson. On the back of the letter, Hallie Coombs writes to Weller: "This must be from Eliza Deppen (or Collard's sister). Miss Hollingsworth said you had better look well into it as you had such a bad report from Eliza." Letter marked East View, Hardin Co., KY. In a letter from 25 Oct 1894, Amie writes to the Home. She says she thinks it "impossible for [her] to keep her as [she] cannot do nothing with her." She says she thinks it would be best for both of them to send Eliza back to the Home. Letter marked East View, KY.

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