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    L. D. Huffman writes to the Home regarding the children of Mr. J. W. Terry. There are four children; two girls 12 and 8 years old, and two boys 6 and 4 years old. Terry is 70 years old and "totally unable to care for them" and is dissipated. He asks for bonds to be sent for the children. Letter marked Berry, KY. In a letter from 8 Sept 1894, Huffman writes that the four children will be "at your office on Tuesday evening about 8 o'clock." He says that Terry will be with them and have the necessary bonds. Letter marked Berry, KY. In a letter from 10 Oct 1894, L. D. Huffman writes to ask about Terry's children on his behalf. He wants to know "if they are satisfied and are reconciled to their home" and also wants to know if the Home can take in the baby, who is 7 months old. He asks that his oldest daughter (Jennie) write to him at once. Letter marked Berry, KY.

    John S. Renfro writes to the Home regarding his give children, aged 2-9 years old, 4 boys and 1 girl. He says that their "native home" is Whitley County, KY and that their mother died shortly after they moved West. Renfro lost his property and his friends suggested that he send his children to the Home, but he was unable to do so until a drought hit his crops. He wants the children raised in KY. Letter marked Plymouth, AR. In a letter from 27 August 1894, Rengro says that he will send his children as soon as he can, and that it may be two weeks or more. Letter not marked. In a letter from 6 Oct 1894, Renfro send commitment of his children, and says that they will start from "here" on Wednesday, Oct 9th. Letter marked Mulberry, AR. A letter from 10 Oct 1894 states that "we failed to get through tickets to day" and that the children will start Saturday the 13th. He says that they will be by themselves and to please look for them. Letter marked Plymouth, AR.

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