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    Mrs. Sarah A. Cook writes to the Home asking for help with her "8 helpless children." She says she has no means to support them other than "the labor of my hands," and asks to be admitted to the Home with a position. She says she would like "admittance for but 5 of [her] children." Letter marked Fowler, KY. In a letter from 24 July 1894, Cook goes into detail regarding her situation, stating that she has homes for four of her children. She is looking to send her two sets of twins to the Home, aged five (both boys) and 18 months (one boy and one girl). Her oldest children are 12 and 10 years old. She says that "all are hearty and sounds in every particular" and asks the Home to "take the four and keep them in your home till the oldest are 14 years of age." She says she does "not want them let out of the home is it can be avoided." Letter marked Fowler, KY.

    Sallie Crawford writes to the Home on behalf of Carrie Posey, a woman interested in adopting a girl 12 years old. She states that the Poseys are "quite a clever family of people," are a family of four "all grown," and have a "lovely country home." Crawford ends the letter asking if the Home has "any more 'Callies.'" It seems that the Crawfords adopted a girl named Callie from the Home that was kind and "now a young lady." Letter marked Corydon, KY. In a letter from 24 July 1894, Posey writes to say that she cannot "give the young girl a home." She states that her 71 year old mother objects to the adoption, and hopes that the Home is not inconvenienced. Letter marked Corydon, KY.

    Williams writes to the Home regarding two orphans in his town. He says they are 8 and 10 year old boys who are bright. Letter marked Morehead, KY. On a letter from 4 August 1894, Williams writes again to say that he is "very sorry you cannot admit the two little brothers 8 & 10 years respectively." He says he also has two little sisters of a different family, 7 and 12 years old. He asks the Home to reconsider. Letter marked Morehead, KY. In a letter from 29 August 1894, Williams says that "after all [his] persistent effort in behalf of the orphan children of our town in securing for them a place in our home: they wont any of them now aggree to let the children go." Letter marked Morehead, KY.
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